We are leaders in AD plants.

Qila Energy is one of the largest providers of anaerobic digestion plants in the UK and we're only growing stronger. Find out why you should join us.

Over 30 AD plants built in the UK.

We've built over 30 AD plants in the UK and have raised over £200 million from investors for full funding. We build a range of 250kWe, 499kWe, 1MWe and larger biomethane gas to grid AD plants.

Our AD plants include sites we have developed from the very beginning and sites that achieved planning with someone else's design, with us stepping in to provide full funding.

We pay for everything as soon as you're with us.

We understand that today's agricultural economic prospects aren't guaranteed and any investments need to be good ones. That's why when you work with us, you won't spend a penny. We pay for the full cost of the plant including planning, construction and operation.

We pay for:
  • Planning
  • Grid Connection
  • AD plant construction
We pay you:
  • Site rental
  • Plant operation
  • Feedstock costs

Use a huge range of feedstocks with our AD plants.

Your feedstock contract is based on you supplying us enough feedstock to produce our target gas output. Our AD plants can use a huge range of feedstocks for which you’ll get paid a fixed price.

Feedstocks include:
  • Brewers Grain
  • Cattle Manure
  • Cereal Grain Waste
  • Chicken Manure
  • Grass Silage
  • Sugar Beet Silage

Talk to the right supplier from the start.

No matter what stage of your project, our team of UK based engineers can help you throughout the whole process, from initial design through to construction and 24/7 ongoing maintenance.

We can help you with planning permission, grid connection and FIT & RHI payments. Once your plant has been constructed, we’ll help you with full training, weekly feedstock and biogas testing, along with 24/7 maintenance and support, all year round.