We have raised and funded just shy of £200 million, obtained planning permission, built as EPC and run as O&M, biomethane and biogas plants ranging from £2.5 million to £15 million, across the UK for a variety of investors and farmer landlords. 

"We pay for everything and we do all the work, its starts with securing the gas capacity, designing the plant, feedstock plan and submitting a full planning application with all the reports and assessments. 
Uniquely, our farmers and partners do NOT spend their money and time to get planning permission, nor do they pay for any gas & grid connections, WE DO IT ALL and therefore we take all the risk."

Project Finance for New Biomethane Plants

We fund the entire costs for getting full planning permission, construction, working capital, buying feedstock and operations for new biomethane plants that will either:

  • Get the new RHI.
  • Be part of our Virtual Pipeline in Portsmouth.

New RHI projects have immense time pressure to get proof of full funding for Tariff Guarantees. We are able to provide proof of funding to Ofgem in the ISAE3000 (limited assurance engagement) format they require. In order to do so we need to be working with the farmers, project developers now, as new RHI is expected to start beginning of April 2018 and there is a limited budget amount for Tariff Guarantees that lots of projects are competing for. 

It is essential to get full funding right and Qila has proven to be a trusted reliable funding partner, as well as doing the planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance.

    Refinance Operational Plants

    We also have a refinance fund to help owners of Operational Biogas or Biomethane plants to:

    • Refinance expensive project debt.
    • Release some equity.
    • Sell their plant altogether. 

    To apply for refinance please tell us where you plant is located, is it CHP or biomethane and what you would like to do?

    We very much work with you and your circumstances. 

    Our Maintenance Team can also come out and help you fix your plant, or our Construction Team can help you expand your plant.

    How does our funding work?

    We raise full funding for every project from our Investors, the funding is secured on the project itself - our farmers or landlords never give personal security. As the investors pay for everything, they own the plant - but they also take the risk of the plant performing.  

    Our Farmers have a long-term rental payment for the site, the site area is usually 2-3 hectares, after 20 years the plant goes to the farmer. 

    Farmers can also choose to be a feedstock supplier and get a long-term feedstock contract that pays them an attractive price for crops, manures, chicken litter, straw, slurry and other feedstocks like vegetable waste. 

    Our farmers also get nutrient rich solid and liquid digestate for free to spread on their crops.


    paid site rental

    Wholecrop rye photo 1.JPG

    paid for feedstock

    brochure image 3.jpg

    Digestate for free

    Our farmers are our best references

    I knew I wanted an AD project on my land and to be the feedstock provider. I realised that to have a secure income and profit for a whole, or part of, my farm puts my business on a very much more secure footing than traditional farming markets.
    — Wester Kerrowgair - William
    Our long term feedstock contract protects us from swings in commodity prices, which have been volatile in recent times.
    Our crops have also responded wonderfully to digestate, thus reducing costs to our business.
    I like the idea of renewable energy and am pleased that Qila has made my vision a reality.
    — Tuxford AD - Paul
    Fairfields Farm,   Qila designed & funded biomethane plant:   We stepped in to fund Fairfields farm at a late stage and managed to successfully get project financing and still meet our gas to grid date of March 2016.    

    Fairfields Farm, Qila designed & funded biomethane plant:

    We stepped in to fund Fairfields farm at a late stage and managed to successfully get project financing and still meet our gas to grid date of March 2016.