Qila Energy is a British Engineering Company funding, designing and building smart bioenergy plants throughout the UK

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Ruby Jones


CEO, Co-Founder

Ruby Jones co-founded Qila Energy in April 2012 with Rupert Lywood to be a long-term renewable energy generation company. Ruby is a political economist with a MSc from the London School of Economics.

Founded in 2012, Qila Energy is a British Company at the forefront of the anaerobic digestion industry. We design, build and arrange full project finance for our biogas and biomethane plants. 

We've built over 30 AD plants in the UK and have raised over £200 million from investors for full project funding. We build a range of 250kWe, 499kWe, 1MWe and larger biomethane gas to grid AD plants.

We provide in-house full service capabilities of development, planning permission, design, construction, operations, maintenance, biological laboratory, sustainability, Ofgem submissions, ongoing compliance and asset management, both to our own projects and to those of third parties.

 No matter what stage your project is at, our team of UK based engineers can help you throughout the whole process, from initial design through to construction and 24/7 ongoing maintenance.

We can help you with planning permission, grid connection and FIT & RHI payments. Once your plant has been constructed, we’ll help you with full training, weekly feedstock and biogas testing, along with 24/7 maintenance and support, all year round.

Meet some of our Team 

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Jane Stewart

Head of Planning

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Nik Codd

Construction Director

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David Martinez

Engineering Director

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Mick Barker

Operations Director

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Ian Brough

Health & Safety

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Ash Shirani

Process Director

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Chetan Bhavra

Finance Director

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Paul Thompson

Biomethane Director

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Iris Wong

Legal Counsel

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Alison Suttie

Head of HR

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Les Lawrence

Construction Manager

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Tim Williams

Operations Manager

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Patricia Perez Arias

Project Finance

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Elodie George

Project Finance

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Emma Dawson


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Charlie Lywood

Investment Associate