Farmers near Portsmouth, we have limited capacity for new plants to tanker CNG to Portsmouth

What's in it for you?

  • You DON'T pay anything, you get: 
    • Long term site rental payments.
    • Long term attractive feedstock contract.
    • Digestate for free - significant artificial fertiliser savings.
    • Further opportunities to benefit from any expansions or diversification into, for example, CO2 sales, CNG sales, pelleted digestate, green houses, vertical farming etc.



What's Qila Energy do?

  • We PAY for everything
  • Our Design Team designs the plant in 3D BIM.
  • Our Planning Team prepares reports and studies, the planning statement, meets with the council and planners and submits planning.
  • Our Feedstock team works with you on the Feedstock plan and contract pricing.
  • When we get planning permission, our Finance team arranges Project Finance.
  • Our Construction & EPC Team builds the plant.
  • Our Operations Team operates and maintains the plant.

benefits of Virtual Pipeline

SGN's virtual pipeline is a significant technological advancement for enabling biomethane to be generated where one has an excellent site and available by-product/waste feedstocks - rather than if one is lucky enough to have a gas pipe underneath the site that has capacity to accept biomethane injection.

Virtual Pipeline gets around:

  • No gas pipe in the area, and/ or, limited gas injection capacity.
  • Gas pipe on site but feedstock not available.

With Virtual Pipeline you have to get 2 of the 3 conditions for an optimum site right, you need to have:

  • A flat site with good ground conditions, excellent road access.
  • Crop, by-product, waste feedstock nearby and available.

You DO NOT NEED to be on or near a gas pipe, but you do need to be within a maximum driving distance of 1.30 hours to Portsmouth, any further and the transport cost is prohibitive.

Why team up with Qila Energy?

If you have a good site and want to supply feedstock, then team up with us because:

  • We are the only ones with Virtual Pipeline capacity. 
  • We have full funding.
  • We are the engineering company that actually builds and operates the plant (and we are a British engineering company), furthermore.
    • Our plants have hydrolysis tanks so all our farmers can supply high proportions of grass, rye, cattle manure, chicken litter, spoilt straw and waste feedstocks.


  • Visit any of our plants and meet any of our farmers.
    • Our farmers are our best references, more than half of them started with another developer or biogas company that failed to deliver and then they found us.
    • We do our absolute best to make every plant work for our farmers and our investors.